Knights’ Council

Council Members:
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Knights’ Council Operational Guidelines

  1. Any four members of the KC may jointly request an official vote. This should be done by posting a single note to the KC Scribe and to all four submitting members with the vote that they wish to be taken. Please entitle such notes “KC Vote Request” in bright blue. A request for an anonymous vote should be included in this note if desired.
  2. The Scribe shall clarify any ambiguities with the posting member, and then post a note with the following heading in bright blue “Official KC Vote #X”, where X is a sequential number that will help identify votes in debate and official Scribe record-keeping.
  3. The vote will remain open for 240 hours, and KC members are asked to reply to the official note for voting purposes. After 10 days, the majority vote will be noted by the Scribe to the entire clan with the following heading in bright blue “Official KC Vote Result #X”, where X is the same sequential number as that particular vote. Unless the vote is anonymous, the votes and non-votes of KC members will also be reported and recorded.
  4. The results of official votes shall take effect 72 hours after the results note is posted. Any complaints or issues with a vote’s language/ timeframe/results/fairness/etc. should be brought before the official results are posted. Once a vote is official, only another vote can change it, even if there was a problem with the original.
  5. Once an issue has been voted on, the same or substantially similar vote may not be submitted again for six months. The Scribe will determine if a vote is substantially the same, but may be overruled by any two clan Leaders..
  6. If there is a tie, clan Leader’s votes will be counted as tiebreakers. If there is still a tie, Champions of Loyalty will have tie-breaking votes. If there is still a tie, the vote will be noted as withdrawn, and may be re-admitted as a vote after six months.
  7. All official votes and results will be posted on the clan website.

KC Votes

Required for Majority

Each vote will require 75% and up to be passed


Your vote is your rank. See example below.

Example of a KC Vote Tally:

Vote #99: Leaders Champions Masters
(7 pts) (6 pts) (5 pts) Total:
Yes 4 0 1 (4*7)+(0*6)+(1*5)=33
No 0 5 1 (0*7)+(5*6)+(1*5)=35

In the above example, 4 Leaders and 1 Master voted Yes, 5 Champions and 1 Master voted no. See the total column for the tallied total points.

To calculate the percentage:
Yes votes =(points/total possible points)*100=(33/68)*100=48.53%
No votes =(points/total possible points)*100=(35/68)*100=51.47%